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Olympic National Park Mountain Goat Killed Man after Regular Abuse

Saturday 13 July 2013

Mountain goatIf you saw a mountain goat in the United States, would you run?¬†Likely not, as there is not much danger associated with the creature, Though a little muscular, it’s not normally seen as an aggressive animal or threat to humans. However, one billy goat in Washington State changed people’s perception during 2010. That sharp-horned animal approached and gored a man in his thigh, causing him to die of excessive blood loss.

To this day there are many questions about why the attack happened. The victim, whose name was Robert Boardman, was a 63-year-old man simply touring Olympic National Park in Washington at the time of the deadly charge. He was at the wildlife-filled nature reserve with his wife Susan Chadd and long-time friend Pat Willits when the event occurred.

The victim’s two companions claim the mountain goat was being aggressive. The buck was looking as if it wanted to charge the group so Robert told them to go ahead, while he fended the animal off. (more…)