Most Popular Goats for Meat: Best of Cabrito

Saturday 20 July 2013

There are a lot of different breeds of goats around the world. However, of all those breeds there are only a handful which are popular for eating. These goats are lean, intelligent, and into eating greens, which is a great combination if you believe in the old saying, “You are what you eat.” They are not used for milking and most of them aren’t used for fibers (cashmere fiber, etc), with the exception of the Spanish specimen.

There are a few reasons certain groups of these animals are chosen for meat and certain traits they carry. These goats grow faster and rummage through brush with great hunger. Some are quite independent and able to take care of themselves as they evolved from very harsh or scarce conditions. Their immune systems are strong and have resistance to parasites, rotting of the hoof, and the breathing/respiratory problems that tend to be common in other breeds. The goats bred for meat are simply the apex foragers on the farm.

Fainting Goats (Or Are They?)

Saturday 13 July 2013

The Fainting Goat breed is one of the most talked-about goats online, especially in mainstream. These critters are the stars of some pretty epic videos and GIF animations online, looking extremely funny when dropping to the ground at any moment of shock. However, many witnessing the event have no clue to the scientific facts behind this breed of does and bucks that seem to pass out at the drop of a hat.

First, these “fainting” creatures are not common. If you ever get a chance to see this type of goat in real life, you are lucky, because they are a rare breed. Discovered in the Appalachian state of Tennessee, this goat was encountered by explorers for the first time (documented) around 1880, though the exact year is unknown. Biologists and animal enthusiasts have found them quite fascinating since. Studies have been conducted over and over to figure out what makes the animal appear to faint. The consistent result of those studies is… (more…)

Pygmy Goat aka Cameroon Dwarf Goat

Saturday 13 July 2013

Facts and History of the Breed

One of the most popular goat breeds of 2013 is the Cameroon Dwarf goat. More commonly known as the Pygmy Goat, this straight-haired dwarf of the horned kingdom is considered an exotic to all countries outside of Cameroon in central Africa. Similar types of this critter exist across northern Africa, southwestern Africa, and east Africa. Each of these small groups are breeds in their own right, however.

The breed that we now see in the United States is typically the French Cameroon Dwarf. This specimen originated in Africa but was exported to zoos across the world. Particularly zoo habitats in Sweden and Germany were first to showcase the Dwarfs, placing them in a group of animals listed as “exotics”. The first Cameroons reliably documented to have found their way to the United States did so relatively recently, in 1959. A family by the name of Rhue brought the critters to their California estate and the Catskill Game Farm in upstate New York. These Pygmies came from Sweden.