Goat Mating: How to Recognize a Doe in Heat & Billy in Rut

21 July 2013

Black goatWhen looking to breed a pair of goats, there’s a lot to understand if you’re inexperienced. First, the proper terminology to call your farm animals should be understood. Goats have a variety of names that are used by farmers to properly explain and classify the maturity and reproductive history of the animal.

A female goat that is young or old, but has never given birth, is known to farmers as a “nanny” or “doeling”. After giving birth for the first time, the female gets a new name. That newly conferred title is “dam”. The term lets anyone, certainly someone familiar with farm animals, know that the goat has been through the birthing process and has experience of mothering.
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Most Popular Goats for Meat: Best of Cabrito

20 July 2013

There are a lot of different breeds of goats around the world. However, of all those breeds there are only a handful which are popular for eating. These goats are lean, intelligent, and into eating greens, which is a great combination if you believe in the old saying, “You are what you eat.” They are not used for milking and most of them aren’t used for fibers (cashmere fiber, etc), with the exception of the Spanish specimen.

There are a few reasons certain groups of these animals are chosen for meat and certain traits they carry. These goats grow faster and rummage through brush with great hunger. Some are quite independent and able to take care of themselves as they evolved from very harsh or scarce conditions. Their immune systems are strong and have resistance to parasites, rotting of the hoof, and the breathing/respiratory problems that tend to be common in other breeds. The goats bred for meat are simply the apex foragers on the farm.
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Horny Goat Weed: How the Chinese Boost Their Sexual Energy Naturally

18 July 2013
461px-Epimedium_grandiflorum_2Photo taken by Sphl; via Wikimedia Commons [GFDL]

When thinking of the four-legged farm animal this website revolves around, one might want to know its connection to “Horny Goat Weed”. That’s the nickname of a genus of plants scientifically titled Epimedium which has no real relationship to the barnyard friend. The only correlation between the two is their names. However, there is obviously a big difference between being horned and being horny.

The “weed” – which is also known as “rowdy lamb herb” and “fairy wings” – is known to be an aphrodisiac. Natives from where most of the plants are produced originate from, southern China, found the epimedium’s flower to be a great sexual stimulant. Once the bud of the plant opens its four petals, it’s ready for consumption and the result is said to improve the love life of those who consume it.
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