Goat General Knowledge: Interesting Facts

17 July 2013

Are you an animal enthusiast who thinks that you know about the four-legged creature we call a goat? Whether you’re talking about a buck or a billy, a nanny or a doe, or even a kid, there are a few snippets of zoological and agricultural information that apply to all of them. After one read of this “baa-aahdd” (cheap humor) list of knowledge, you might look at your horned friend differently.

  • Though people will understand what you mean, it’s not wise to call male goats a “billy” or females a “nanny” when around official herdsmen and breeders. These are terms only amateurs use and will get you frowned upon (or, worse, laughed at) if trying to pass yourself off as knowledgeable about Capra hircus, as zoologists call the domestic goat.
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Pet Goats: Tips for Keeping Your Horned Friend Happy

15 July 2013

A white goatWhen you were little, did you ever imagine having a pet goat? Not many children do, but these days the goat is becoming a surprisingly more common household friend. Goats and pigs are amongst the most blossoming categories of fancied domesticated animals today.

However, many with the idea of keeping a pet goat have little to no information on the proper equipment and techniques needed to help you fill your role as guardian to these furry little critters. Reading the information beneath will give great insight on some of the obligations you are committing yourself to when looking to become a goat’s best friend.
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Goat Meat: a Healthy and Tasty Option

13 July 2013

Goat’s meat is not as popular as fish, chicken, beef, or pork. However, if you are a person who values health it should be on your plate. This horned farm critter’s body carries less cholesterol and less fatty make-up than any of the other meats typically sold for consumption at grocery markets. When prepared properly (a phrase whose exact definition depends on the chef and the eater, of course!) it also has one of the best tastes of any farmyard animal you can name.

The meat provided by domestic goats is what is sold on markets, though some hunters will go for “game” animals as well. The goat sold at market is usually called cabrito, capretto, chevon, mutton, or kid meat. Chevon or mutton mean that the animal used at slaughter was an adult, while the other three terms refer to meat derived from a kid.
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